Hostels & Homestays

There is nothing that can substitute being submerged into another culture and there is no better way of doing so other than living like a local. It’s certainly not about room service and 5-star hotels, forget travel agents and hotel concierge. Thanks to technology and the rise of low-cost airlines, the tourism industry has become a lot more accessible and a lot more people can participate in and enjoy tourism experiences. The minimum we as travellers can do when we visit different countries is make sure our money goes to the local network and its population. One of the best ways to gain a genuine insight into the destinations we visit is to opt for a local hostel or even a homestay. I am speaking from experience when l say they offer much more than a night in a hotel can ever provide.

(I asked my followers on Instagram if they’d ever stay in a hostel and why)

Now I’m not saying stay in a Hostel/Homestay that is unhygienic or has creepy crawlies (pick wisely), I’m saying hosteling will add to your travel experience without breaking your bank, lessen your impact on the planet and much more. l encourage absolutely every to try hostels/homestays, why on earth would you not want to pay half the price for twice the fun.

How will it add to my travel experience:

One of the main reasons l prefer hostelling is because l get to meet so many different kinds of people from all corners of the world. It adds an element of excitement that is so hard to get in Hotel stays. Additionally, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, staying in Hostels/Homestays is a generously green option among others, WHY? Most hostels promote sustainability among guests, hosting activities that help maintain the destination. They also encourage guests in using environmentally friendly means of transport such as bicycles and local transportation modes.

Is that all? Heck No!

There are several other reasons I’d pick Hostels over Hotels, to name a few:

  • For lasting friendships, if you travel far enough you might just meet yourself. – You’ll already have common ground with the people you meet and a good excuse to return.
  • For memorable meals – Putting your culinary skills to the test, most hostels offer activities such as a cooking class where they make traditional food and you get to eat the food after!!
  • For a language lesson – Sustainable Tourism is learning some basic words and phrases in the local language. Communicating in the local language will help create a bond with the people you meet on your trip.
  • To understand a new culture – Staying with a local will most definitely help you avoid any faux pas. ‘When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do

Plane Sign off

xo. Michelle ūüíč

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