Travel & ME

Plane Sign offThis thing that l love to do, it sets my soul on fire and l am fearless in its pursuit.

It was therapeutic before it became something l loved to do, best decision of my life! There is no education better than travelling and it’s super easy. You’ve got one life, take ownership. It’s easy to get lost whilst trying to please people around you or “keeping up with social media,” one thing I’ve learnt is to do what is right for you, regardless of what the opinions of people that do not have control over your life are.

Processed with VSCO with m3 presetThe thing about the voices behind society is, that majority of them aren’t doing it themselves. Not everyone has a burning desire to try something new let alone travel. I’m inquisitive, open-minded and very much interested in magnifying the quality of my lived experiences. Finding happiness during the moment is so simple when you don’t bother yourself with what you have to do next. Having no concept of time although essential to modern-day life “schedules hold us hostage” live free, don’t think of the past or the future just live in the moment take every tiny detail and hyper-focus on the moment. I could go on. It took travelling for me to find the happiness – peace – simplicity – joy in me, I  learnt a tonne about myself and about mindfulness not to mention gained the capability to tap into the ability to learn in every single moment.

I like to live life unapologetically, with a mind open to everything and attached to nothing (beginners mind), learning and maturing every second “enrolled in a class called the world.” I’ve learned in order for me to make my life work, what l think is what l become.

There’s nothing more l love to do than being submerged into a completely different culture. With the mere amount of travelling l have done, it has given me the ability to accept and appreciate the differences that make up the world we live in, the world is full of interesting people, beautiful landscapes, incredible food, amazing music and different cultures. I used to be obsessed about making sure everything was perfect in order to get started when all it took was an open mind to getting better by keeping at it and seeking advice, there’s no right or wrong way to be handling things.

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Personally travel is about change, it’s an introspective process that forces you to reflect on life. Being away from home allows you to think about your life in a more objective way and consider what you’d like to do differently. Believe me when l say experiences are more valuable than material objects. you owe it to yourself for a good time, not a good life.

I think if you can travel DO IT! Take time to figure out whether your current path is right for you – do it because you love it, not because you want to satisfy people you don’t know. this not only applies to travel but all the choices we make. Not everything is right for everyone contrary to what society pushes. Be comfortable in being awesome nothing more, nothing less.

michelle illustration


                             xo. Michelle ūüíč

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