Damn the wine is so good, it’s got “that thing,” if you’re a wine enthusiast this is the place to be.

Sitting on a volcano mountain in the Aegean Sea, Santorini is an awe-inspiring destination. My trip to Santorini was a blissful getaway, with the whitewashed buildings, the weather just about to perfection and Caldera views, not to mention the awesome food. Definitely put it on your must-see list if you’re reading this! The Capital, Fira, is conveniently located, it generally fits well with particular needs, plans & activities, l 100% recommend staying in Fira; from there it’s always super easy going to other parts of the island or even connecting to the other Cyclades.

Not only does the island host some dramatic cliffs and immaculate beaches, it offers a glimpse of religious and historical scenes to the beautiful village.

There’s so much to do on the compact island, exploring the wonders of the narrow paths of Fira is definitely a leisurely way to spend an afternoon, along with renting an ATV for as little as €8 per day to explore at your own leisure. There are several rentals which are all pretty easy to find. Take a boat cruise to the volcano and hot springs and if you have the funds, watching the sunset from a boat is beyond words can describe l promise you, you’ll unlock a new level of appreciation. If you’re up for a challenge there are 500+ steps you can work your way up after getting a cable car down.

You can also spend a day in Oia a return ticket cost €3.6 on the local bus with a journey time of 25-30 minutes (if you’re staying in Oia spend a day in Thira). Local buses to Oia are very frequent l propose going in the evening with enough time to roam around before the sun sets. The village is extremely picturesque and the architecture and surroundings are absolutely a must see. Kastro Walls is where you want to be when the sun sets, its undoubtedly a popular spot. That being said make sure to get there before all the nice spots go!

Walking is very sufficient in most cases, however, there are car rental options and the majority of the hotels do provide transfers. Considering the size of the island, it’s really unnecessary having a fulltime rental car. Santorini is expensive (pretty standard if you live in the city), one of the easiest ways to save money is ditching the taxi’s, we all appreciate the “luxury” of a taxi in a place we’re unfamiliar with, however, they are costly if we become reliant. Local buses only cost approximately €3 and they aren’t what you would expect for a local bus, they’re actually comfortable coaches.

It is a tourist destination so it’s understandable as to why it’s expensive. The locals work super hard to ensure you have an unforgettable experience, its okay to pinch the pennies just don’t overdo it.

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22 living the life l love

xo Michelle

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