We see travellers posting beautiful destinations, amazing views, the best of the best; you get inspired and decide to invest in a trip you saw on the gram but you get there and its nothing you expected at all. Travelling with my girl, she made me realise how much people are obsessed with the “perfect picture,” don’t let social media fool you! Unfortunately, some pictures travellers post don’t necessarily show the harsh realities of living in these tourist locations. My friend found it a little difficult to adjust to a reality she’d only been acquainted with through Instagram. I urge you all to do your research before travelling. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who expect the comforts of home in a foreign country as well as people staying in their comfort zone, not being open-minded to new experiences. If l feel like that imagine how the locals feel towards that.


(This is not in Bali Tegalalang Rice Fields, it is not in the Gili’s)

Simplicity, the one thing that makes our lives less complicated, it is bliss! This is how the Gili Islands made me feel, bringing myself to leave such a beautiful, carefree, humble and joyful society totally sucked. If it wasn’t for emotions slightly taking overdue to the insane delay of our speedboat, and the near miss my friend almost had with catching her flight back in Bali. Leaving would have been almost mythical. This man even saw the stress levels increase and decided he wasn’t having

The Gili’s are extremely beautiful there is something there for everyone. Gili T is the most popular and the largest of the trio also known to be the ‘party island’ between them. Gili Meno the smallest & quietest of the trio is the perfect place to make peace with the world and enjoy the view; if you’re looking to relax Meno is the place for you. Unfortunately, l didn’t spend a lot of time whizzing through these two because l was too busy extending my nights in Gili Air.

What a gem Gili Air is, initially we were meant to stay at Villa Karang Hotel and Spa on the Southside. After strolling through the 15 km² island we were drawn to the Northside and ended up staying at Puri Air Beach Resort & Spa, as weird as it sounds walk-in rates are better than the ones online, I’d suggest calling the hotel to find out their rates before taking to travel fare aggregators and travel metasearch engines.



Lunch by the beach and snorkelling from island to island was a lifestyle here, the water is amazingly clean making the snorkelling trips worthwhile, there is plenty of fish and coral to see. I can’t even begin to explain the beauty of this highly overlooked small piece of land that possesses some the most attractive, picturesque beaches. Speaking for my bestfriend & myself Gili Air is faultless its got good vibes, relaxation and a beach life ultimately the perfect mixture. Major parties aren’t as common on Gili Air as opposed to Gili T, there are more than enough restaurants and bars by the sea open till late.Snorkelling Tour There’s actually a wide range of accommodation available to suit every budget and every need here, l must mention though the harbour is on the South side of the island so water isn’t as amazing for the obvious reasons, I’d highly recommend the north side the sunsets are honestly heartwarming, they became super therapeutic to me. Even if you don’t stay on the Northside rent a bike for the day or two and explore the ins and outs, call it a workout too because boy peddling on sand is a myth but ill let you figure that struggle out. If your not a biker walk, take your time and take the island in.


Why did we move from the Southside to the North? one of the main reasons we moved was because of the Harbour the water wasn’t the best to swim in, it is densely populated with resorts, dive centres cafes & restaurants and the nightlife is pretty much on this side; whereas the northern is most remote. I personally felt like it was spoiled.


How did we get to the Gili’s? We were originally in Bali and ticket booths are literally every one minute apart.  We were able to locate one and after a good session of bargaining, we were able to get open return tickets transfers included. – we got picked up from our hotel transferred to Padangbai and jumped on a speedboat to the Gili’s-      NOTE: The speedboat does make a stop at all the Gili Islands for passengers getting on or off. Unfortunately, Gili Air is commonly the last drop off point and the first pick up.

What did you get up to in Gili Air? We were lucky enough to get a private snorkelling excursion with a glass bottom boat which was absolutely amazing pictures just don’t do these trips justice, l found Nemo and the coral reefs are just mesmerising. The best time to go snorkelling is early in the morning. After 6pm My favourite pass time was to watch the sunset again breathtaking when the ocean retreats and the red rays of the sun disappear. YOGA, honestly “your only one yoga class away from a good mood.” We also spent quite a bit of time with the locals the kids are the most cutest funniest and the adults well they just want to sell their merch but it was nice getting to know them. We were also beach bums the majority of the time and major foodies.

22 living the life l love ..   Plane Sign off

xo. Michelle 💋 








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