1-travelpharm-blog-travelvaccinationsIt’s all fun and games until you need 10 rabies shots on a cheeky monkey bite or a dog bite. It’s important you stay unexposed from an illness that you could potentially contract in a country with a hot/tropical climate and rural areas. I can only speak from my experience but l definitely do recommend you do some diligent research & speak to your GP about the vaccinations you may need before setting foot in a country. Believe me, you want to have fun abroad and not end up in hospital.

Honey, I’m scared of anything needles, but l prefer to live a long healthy life. Malaria is a rare disease to catch in the UK however, it is a serious disease if it isn’t treated properly! It can be hard noticing the symptoms of malaria, so if your travelling to areas of high risk click here to find out what symptoms the NHS warns us to be aware of. You cannot be vaccinated against malaria but it can be prevented; avoiding mosquito bites not so much. Don’t say l never told you but this is where the Jungle Formula & Xpel Tropical Formula comes in. l wasn’t aware of the risks of Malaria when l went to South East Asia & China; once l was, l pretty much bathed in insect repellent. l had a pocket bottle, a back up for my back up and also a few bottles on the larger side. The Jungle (contains 50% deets) & Xpel Tropical formula were my go to, honestly the best and 110% recommended, covering my arms and legs wasn’t an option at 30+ degrees and these formulas can be purchased from several drug stores as well as on eBay & Amazon; l bought mine as a multi-pack on eBay for £4.99 free delivery. You can also get malaria tablets from a pharmacy. If you can get your hands on some Tiger Balm or Thai Balm, it helps with the itchiness of mosquito/gnat bites, scars suck! Be sure to get tested as soon as you get back to the UK! Country-specific malaria information and malaria maps are available via destinations. and don’t forget Malaria kills!


Typhoid, Yellow Fever and Hepatitis A are vaccinations you may need to consider prior to travelling; before your due to travel you should seek advice at least 10 weeks prior because some vaccinations do need to be given in advance. NHS Fit For Travel provides you with everything you need to know, if needed booster shots can be given to you by your GP. l was able to get my booster and additional travel shots from my GP at a cost; another option would be to visit a local private vaccination clinic. Boots does offer health advice & travel vaccinations tailored to your travel plans upon reservation, click on the link to find out how boots can help you and how it works as well as what vaccinations are available at boots.

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