For the love of travel, Phuket is undoubtedly a concrete jungle, there is something in the air that makes sleep useless. The Island was never going to be a destination for me purely because in my mind it was another version of Ibiza just in Asia. Quite frankly l don’t necessarily favour party destinations, l don’t hate them l just don’t favour them; although the thought of saying l lived in Thailand for as long as l have but l never visited one of the main tourist destinations sounded rather bizarre. So once again l took off to my all-time dependable website 12Go Asia and booked a return ticket which cost me 1339 THB (£30/$43) a meal and snack included. Yes, so cheap right in spite of the fact that l had to sacrifice almost 12 hours of my life sitting on a coach.


Phuket is home to some beautiful and amazing landscapes including beaches, thus the reason the destinations is an international magnet for people consumed by wanderlust and I’m a perfect example.

When you’ve travelled around the majority of the Thai Islands, you discover amazing places better than Phuket in my opinion, so it’s easy for me to say there are better Islands you can visit! But don’t cross Phuket off your list, hell l almost did, and I’m sure l would be regretting it. For those of you that do want to go to Phuket, it is the largest Thai Island so of course there is so much to do and see; unless you’re looking to be, you hardly will be near water. There was no doubt in my mind that l’d hate this but hey spontaneous behaviour right. In the early hours of the a.m. l arrived at Phuket bus terminal 2, it was pretty easy getting transport from there to Patong, a little more expensive than Bangkok but fairly simple and it took about 25 minutes on a motorbike l finally arrived at Lub d Phuket Patong. Lub d is one of my top 5 favourites, its amazing for a hostel; my conscious had already said ‘l told you so’ over and over – you can read my review on along with others (click the link and type Lub d Phuket in the search bar; also help yourself to £15 off when you book through the link).

      Patong PhuketPatong Beach


Patong Phuket is the main resort town, it is home to some of the best spas, resorts, hostels and restaurants along with several bars and nightclubs, in addition to that, you can find tourist information desks literally at every corner. I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary day Phiphi island tour with Chong ko Travel – which was in fact, cheaper than any other agency within the vicinity. The tour consisted of both Koh Phi Phi Leh home to Maya Bay and the quieter island and Koh Phi Phi Don the main island which happens to be the party island!!!!

When to visit – Avoid planning a trip around November to early March in Phuket, these are the peak travel periods! if you’re not a fan of major crowds stay clear. On the other hand my fellow solo travellers, it’s a great time to bump into like-minded travellers. Beaches are much less crowded and accommodation rates are low from March up until June from then the rainy seasons runs up until October time, although Phuket weather usually is on the sunny side with a downpour around the early evening.

IMG_9153Phuket Town – I didn’t get the chance to stay in Phuket Town, but l did do a day trip if you ever have the opportunity to stay a night or two don’t hesitate it is a beautiful town! I didn’t expect much from this town it was simply a connection from the islands back to Bangkok. The Graffiti art took me by surprise, it “transformed waste of space into something of value,” l  spent hours whizzing through the most beautiful architecture and local markets.

Bangla Street

Boy Bangla Street defeated me,!!! Its  pretty much a smaller Khao San Road but haven’t you ever heard ‘big things come in small packages.’ Well let me tell you; every night at Lub’d Hostel they host activities, l happened to be there on the night of the Barcrawl (a lot of discount drinks); l can’t express how fun and amazing it was. Bangla street is not suitable for kids and enjoying it also depends on who you are. If you don’t like to party like me it can still be a pretty awesome experience. For first time Phuket visitors taking a walk along the street is a must. Bangla Street is simply an experience that needs to be done.

Seen from as far as Phuket town, sitting on top of the Nakkerd Hills is one of the most important landmarks on the island, Big Budda. It is free to visit with views showcasing the coast and has an amazing structure that is continuously being built over the years; definitely, a must see in Phuket. Come dressed respectfully NO “SKIMPY” CLOTHES or you’ll be expected to purchase a sarong.

Plane Sign off

22 living the life l love ..

xo. Michelle 💋

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