Every day in Samui is a day when nature and perfect weather collide and make life seem so easy. Located in the Gulf of Thailand lies Koh Samui, the second largest island in the country. Bangkok is a hot mess and Samui with its savannah tropical climate has so much to offer.

Plane Sign off

From Bangkok, l took a night bus to Suratthani (781 THB) and from there a ferry to Koh Samui (230THB) all booked with 12Go Asia, transfers included – (my go-to agency for trips within Thailand). My journey came to an end after a restless 13-hours; If you don’t mind long journeys like this then your good to take a night train/bus otherwise you can fly to Suratthani then take a ferry to any of the connecting Islands which is about 2/3 hours to Samui.

The island hosts and a great deal of man-made & natural attractions, the beaches are splendid and extremely diverse, it’s rather impossible to run out of things to do on an island that has something to offer for everyone.


  • Na Muang Waterfall 1 & 2
    • There’s a Safari Park too
      • Boasting some of the most scenic views this is Samui’ best-hidden secret; a must visit location! The waterfalls are accessible by car at a cost, but hiking 20/30 mins up to waterfall 2 is undoubtedly the best part, not to mention it is the highest waterfall on the Island. Absolutely worth hiking! The waterfalls are near each other so they can most definitely be done on the same day. On-site several restaurants and souvenir shops can be found. The waterfalls are free so try not to get scammed.


  • Silver Beach
    • Also known as ‘the beach of the Ta-khian Situated on the east coast of Samui in the north of Lamai beach is the charming Silver beach, there are literally plenty of fish to see at this beach, and it offers plenty shade. l was pleasantly surprised with the white, soft sand between my toes, the scenery in the background. This is a very family oriented location so you will most definitely find the cutest toddlers having the time of their life; not so far is Hin Ta and Hin Yai where you can find the popular natural rock formations such as the grandmother & grandfather rocks
    • Neighbouring the seaside are 4 astounding well-established hotels and restaurants:
    •  ‘The beach of the Ta-khian Trees’ – (Haad Thong Ta-Khian)
  • Lamai Beach
    • Well known for its sandy shoreline, Lamai beach (Le Meridien) is one of my top picks with its alluring coastline and picturesque settings. I really liked this part of the beach, the seaweed and coral in the water didn’t really bother me but l still wasn’t a fan. l did, however, fall head over heels in love with sunsets Lamai Beachhere an irony of life saying “sometimes good things happen in goodbyes”. If you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful beach then this is it! Specifically the Le Meridien area! you’ll locate a couple of eateries offering free sunbeds under palm trees with live groups playing to soothe and unwind you up.

Now the seaweed it wasn’t much, but it is very much on-shore which l found a little annoying sometimes. Also, learn from my mistakes, transport is rather expensive here compared to Bangkok that is. I stayed in Lamai town which is NOT where the nightlife is, its the complete opposite actually situated a fair distance from the main nightlife area (Chaweng & Fisherman’s Village) and is marvellous especially if you’re looking for the relaxed atmosphere.

Chaweng is the busiest and biggest town, the most developed tourist area on the Island, you can literally find everything there, amazing resorts/hotels/hostels, nightlife, food, shopping, beach you name it its there! it’s the perfect place if you want to stay in the heart of the action. Which brings me back to transport Lamai & Chaweng, are quite far apart so a lot of travelling had to be done; l was taking taxi’ the majority of the time and fuel is really expensive on Samui Island so taxi drivers don’t go by the meter, but its easy to negotiate a price keeping it realistic of course. Little did l know the pickup trucks driving around the island were only charging 100THB per person and it wasn’t hard to find one they were as frequent as taxi’.

22 Living The Life l love xo.
Michelle 💋



For more on Koh Samui click on the video to watch my vlog.


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  1. Great blog. Plus great snap shots too. This takes me back to my thailand trip but i wish i blogged as i was there for months. You have inspired me. Great stuff


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