It’s about to get serious; we’re talking food here street food! my happy place. I came to China thinking yes 🙌🏾 herbal tea’, I’m going to drink so much water, healthy lifestyle I’m going to drop some weight, come back looking snatched. Don’t be put off traveling mainland China just yet because l am. Writing this blog post I’m literally just smiling cause of the thought of how spontaneous I’m going to be for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Take my advise and follow your heart, let it lead you to some good food you’ll be happy it will never break your heart unless it tastes like Durian Fruit. Just keep it healthy.Arrows




Grilled Octopus anyone?? Apparently, it’s really healthy for you, if you eat a specific amount that is; because it is super high in cholesterol. On the good side, it has several key nutrients! and no l didn’t try the octopus, some of this stuff has twitching tendencies.



Eggplant/Aubergine… Have you ever wondered what that purple emoji your always using looks like when it’s been diced up? well here’s a version. They are an excellent source of dietary fibre; but personally, but I’m not a fan too slimy.




OYSTERS!! 😍 I had never tried oysters until China, and they are amazing. If you haven’t tried them you honestly don’t know what you’re missing out. They are low in calories, low in fat and a good source of protein. Loaded with Zinc by the way 👀




This fruit has so many names. I know it as a Hawthorne berry. If you ever come across these be very careful when biting into them, worms are very fond. Otherwise, they taste great, very tangy kind of crunchy and they have numerous health benefits.



Food For Thought:

What is living your best life?

I’m out here doing what l want to do, what l love, what I’ve worked for and I’m still working for, why should l let petty things stand in my way, l still age and l don’t want life to escape me. But the thing is, you don’t have to be traveling or anything like that to be living your best life. I’m still in Uni studying something l adore, l have the best family and an amazing handful of friends. Aside from traveling how could l not be living my best life. It is not tied down to the expectations of others or media might l add. Many of us have visions of a better tomorrow; tomorrow isn’t promised! live up to your potential now and continue setting yourself a higher bar. Creating the life you want requires the commitment to personal growth don’t be a prisoner to your own decisions life is a lot shorter than you think.



22! living the life l love!

xo. M 💋





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