Isssaa Pool Partyy.. Between Xiangzhou and Gonbei lies one of the most beautiful districts which goes by the name Jida (吉大). THE SPOT! if you want to explore the cultural insight and attractions of the fascinating district. Home to several attractions not to mention the central business district (CBD) is situated in Jida absolutely amazing for guanxi (Pronounced: Gwan-che  (关系). Jida has so much to offer, stunning “nature” best I’ve seen yet, great restaurants BUT street food has my heart, loadsss of exciting entertainment and nightlife.Jida.jpg

Since I’ve been living it up in Zhōngguó, I’ve learned how significant guānxì (关系) is; literally meaning relationships. In Chinese culture, guānxì is a crucial part of doing business its the system of social networks and influential relationships that facilitate business and other dealings. So best believe everytime l get the opportunity to shadow meetings visit companies attend events my linked and card swapping game is strong.

Spot The Opera 👀



Do you realize that you inspire people that pretend they don’t even notice you? The wise will admire you and the wishful will envy you. Have no time for negative BS yall!! and pay close attention to people who don’t clap when you win because those are the people that will do anything to pull you down; the mouth is an extremely powerful thing but at the end of the day jealousy is simply just a lack of self-confidence, stay winning and refuse to be a prisoner to your own decisions. Grind and stay quiet. Shout out erth_designs  – Daily mail


Shui Wan Lu – l walk on this road more than l should really


22! living the life l love

xo. M 💋


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