VSCO Cam-1-1In all honesty, I’ve always been spontaneous, always gone by an “I don’t plan l just do”mantra, and it’s landed me in China (中國). Still yet to conquer it, slowly starting to, it’s always been a dream to travel the world explore learn, and EAT! I study International Business & Mandarin, with this comes an amazing opportunity to work/study abroad for one year and of course, with that in mind l am totally benefiting from it. Oh yeah, lm a Business Development, Marketing & Sales Intern, 😆😆😆😆

Southwest of the Pearl River

Being so close to Hong Kong and Macau, known for its amazing coastline, alluring palm trees not to mention a very satisfying climate, in the Guangdong province, lies a prepossessing city, Zhuhai(珠海 (Pronounced: Joo-hai)). Being China’s first economic zones, (business student thoughts) what better place could l have picked. l am impressed; prior to arriving l had already set myself up with expectations, l had my doubts, worst mistake l landed in Superdry joggers and a turtleneck it was 28.3 Degrees Celsius. Nonetheless, l have become extremely fond of 珠海(Zhuhai), and yes my pre-departure expectations were exceeded wayyyy beyond measure.

National holiday。 Its literally as busy as the picture looks


Street stuff is always the best this passion fruit tea was soooo gooodd

    珠海(Zhuhai) is one of the most livable cities in China; When your scenery consists of sunshine, beaches, hot springs, mountains, parks, and offshore islands, you become infatuated and we’re talking long-term here.

珠海(Zhuhai) does indeed have a beautiful natural environment, it offers an amazing living environment and home to 217 islands,💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 whats there not to love. See for yourself.


Lovers Road ft Hong Kong Macau Zhuhai Bridge


View from my apartment!😍

Which brings me to my random thought “How Grateful Are You?”

Ive learnt to see the cup half full, why you ask? Well, so many things happen in life and we often take them for granted, a bad day is as normal as a good if you think about it; happiness isn’t about things happening your way, why spoil what you have with the desire for more and not appreciating? Someone else is happy with less than what you have, everything that happens in your life is meant to happen, embrace the lessons.

Anthony DeLuca @Pointedthouht


22, living the life l love!

xo. M 💋


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